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Coloring Book Chronicles: Monthly Picks and Recommendations

Every month, countless coloring books hit the shelves, each offering unique themes and artistic challenges. From tranquil gardens to bustling cityscapes, the variety is endless. In this monthly series, we delve into the world of coloring books, handpicking our favorites and providing you with thoughtful recommendations to help you fin your next great coloring adventure.

Display of Various Coloring Books
Display of Various Coloring Books

Criteria for Our Coloring Book Selections

Our journey each month through the vast world of coloring books starts with a careful selection process. Here's how we dive deep to bring you the best of the best:


Artistic Quality: We look for books that not only boast beautiful and engaging illustrations but also offer a variety in complexity that caters to both beginners and advanced colorists.

Paper Quality: We prioritize coloring books that use high-quality paper to prevent bleed-through and allow for the use of various coloring mediums such as markers, colored pencils, and even watercolor.

Thematic Depth: The theme of a coloring book can greatly enhance the coloring experience. We select books that provide a coherent journey through their pages, making the act of coloring a more immersive and storytelling experience.

Innovative Features: Some coloring books include unique features such as perforated pages for easy removal, spiral binding for easier flipping, or pre-printed backgrounds that help colors pop. We consider these additional features as they contribute to the overall user experience.

This Month’s Top Picks Detailed Review

Our chosen books each month are not just randomly picked; they are thoroughly tested and enjoyed. Here’s a detailed review of each:


"Enchanted Forest" by Johanna Basford:

In-depth Review: This book takes you on a mythical journey through an enchanted forest. Each page is meticulously detailed, offering a rich tapestry of flora and fauna which are a delight to bring to life with colors. The paper quality is excellent, handling both light and heavy applications of color without issue.

"Cityscapes: A Coloring Book":

In-depth Review: Perfect for those who admire architecture and urban landscapes, this book provides clean and detailed drawings of famous cities around the world. The layouts are spacious, allowing for both fine liners and broader markers to fill in the intricate details without bleeding.

"Mandalas to Color":

In-depth Review: Ideal for seekers of mindfulness and meditative coloring, this collection of mandalas ranges from moderate to highly detailed designs. The circular format of the mandalas encourages a focused coloring session that many find therapeutic.

Creative Enjoyment: Users often report losing track of time while coloring the intricate designs, which speaks to the captivating nature of the artwork.

Therapeutic Use: Many users turn to "Enchanted Forest" for stress relief, finding the repetitive nature of coloring each detail helps in calming their mind.

Community Impact: This book has a strong following, with many online communities and forums dedicated to sharing completed pages and coloring techniques specific to Johanna Basford’s work.

Choosing Your Next Coloring Book

When you’re on the hunt for your next coloring book, consider these additional tips:


Check Binding and Accessibility: Spiral-bound books or those with lay-flat binding are particularly user-friendly, especially for left-handed colorists.

Look for Sample Pages: Many publishers offer sample pages online, allowing you to test different books and see which styles and themes resonate with your coloring preferences before purchasing.

"Galactic Dreams": A Space-Themed Coloring Book:

This upcoming book promises to take you on an interstellar adventure, with pages filled with stars, planets, and galactic scenes. Perfect for fans of sci-fi and astronomy.

Expanding Your Coloring Horizons

As the world of coloring books continues to expand, so do the possibilities for creativity and relaxation. Each month, new themes and artists emerge, bringing fresh perspectives and techniques to the coloring book market. Engaging with these books not only enhances your artistic skills but also contributes to your mental wellness, offering a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life.



Whether you’re a seasoned colorist or new to the world, our monthly picks and reviews are here to guide you to your perfect match. Coloring books are more than just a way to pass the time—they’re portals to creativity and calm, offering everyone a chance to shine in their artistic journey.


Ready to start your next coloring project? Pick up one of our recommended coloring books this month and share your creations with us on social media! Stay tuned for next month’s picks for more artistic inspiration and coloring fun.


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