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Mythology based Coloring Books: An Artistic Mythical Journey

The world of coloring has taken us on numerous adventures, but none quite as enthralling as the tales of old. Mythology based Coloring Books offer enthusiasts a passport to ancient civilizations, introducing them to gods, goddesses, and epic narratives that have shaped cultures. In this post, we'll explore the artistic and mythical journey that these coloring books present.

Hercules facing the Nemean lion coloring page
Hercules facing the Nemean lion coloring page

The Enthralling World of Mythology:

Ever since the dawn of humanity, myths have acted as the cornerstone of cultures, providing explanations for the unknown and giving societies shared narratives and values. They narrate tales of gods, mortals, monsters, and the complex weave of fates that bind them. When these legendary tales meet the world of coloring books, an intriguing blend of history, art, and personal interpretation emerges.

A Gateway to Diverse Pantheons:

Mythology-based coloring books provide a vast canvas, highlighting stories from diverse cultures. Greek gods and goddesses, such as Zeus, Athena, and Hercules, are often the most recognized. However, there are multiple pantheons waiting to be explored:

Norse Myths:

These tales from the cold North introduce colorists to Odin, Thor, Loki, and the cosmic tree Yggdrasil. The sagas, rich with adventures, magic, and battles, are an intriguing subject for coloring.

Egyptian Myths:

Coloring enthusiasts can delve into the world of the pharaohs, gods like Ra and Osiris, and intricate hieroglyphics that detail the afterlife's beliefs and rituals.

Celtic Legends:

These tales, often intertwined with nature, druids, and magical creatures like the banshee or the leprechaun, offer intricate patterns and designs for coloring.

The Artistic Lure of Mythological Coloring Books:

The attraction of these coloring books goes beyond the stories. The designs themselves, often richly detailed, challenge and captivate colorists:

Complexity and Detail:

Mythological creatures like dragons, phoenixes, or chimeras come with intricate scales, feathers, and patterns. Coloring these requires patience and precision, making it a rewarding task.

Freedom of Interpretation:

Myths, being ancient, often come with gaps in their visual depictions. This absence provides artists with a canvas to interpret and imagine. What color was Medusa's snake hair? How did the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl's feathers shimmer?

Therapeutic and Educational Benefits:

Merging the act of coloring with myths has several benefits:

Relaxation: Coloring, scientifically, has been proven to reduce stress. It triggers the brain's relaxation response, lowering anxiety levels.

Educational Value: As colorists embark on these mythical journeys, they subconsciously learn about old civilizations, their beliefs, customs, and legends.

Cultural Appreciation: Engaging with stories from diverse cultures fosters a sense of respect and understanding for global traditions.

Techniques and Tips for Mythological Coloring:

Research the Tale: A little background knowledge can inspire your color palette. Knowing that a deity was associated with the sun might influence you to use golds and yellows.

Use of Metallics: Mythological tales often have divine, ethereal elements. Metallic pencils or gels can make these elements stand out.

Layering: Some tales have dark undertones, while others are vibrant. Layering colors can help capture the mood of the story. A phoenix rising might have layers of reds, oranges, and yellows to depict flames and rebirth.

Popular Coloring Books and Their Unique Features:

Several mythology-themed coloring books have taken the market by storm. Some popular titles like "Odyssey of Colors: Greek Mythology" or "The Enchanted World of Norse Legends" offer unique features. These can range from explanations about the myths, suggested color palettes, or even colored examples.


Mythology-based coloring books are more than just an activity; they are a bridge to the past. They connect us to age-old tales, heroes, and gods. With every stroke of color, myths are reborn, reinterpreted, and relived in the hands of the colorist. The blend of artistry, history, and personal engagement makes them a fulfilling endeavor, promising both relaxation and enlightenment.


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