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The Best Coloring Book Subscription Services

The world of coloring has been expanding rapidly, and for enthusiasts, it’s an exciting era. One of the trends that has gained momentum recently is the rise of coloring book subscription services. Such services offer monthly or quarterly deliveries of coloring books, ensuring that your artistic pursuits are always fueled. In this post, we'll delve into some of The Best Coloring Book Subscription Services available today.

Collage of various coloring book covers from different subscriptions
Collage of various coloring book covers from different subscriptions

The adult coloring book trend exploded onto the scene a few years ago, creating a whole new avenue for relaxation, artistry, and creativity for adults. With the ever-growing demand for quality coloring books, several companies seized the opportunity to provide a monthly fix for the color-obsessed: coloring book subscription services.

These services promise to bring a refreshing variety of coloring pages straight to your door, often combined with extra perks like high-quality pencils, exclusive designs, and even tutorials. Let’s dive into some of the leading and most enticing services in the market today.

1. Colorful Delights Monthly: A market leader, Colorful Delights Monthly, has set the gold standard. They pride themselves on delivering intricate designs that cater to both novices and experienced colorists. Each month, subscribers unwrap a treasure trove of nature scenes, celestial bodies, abstract art, and more. The high-quality paper stock used makes it a favorite, as it’s compatible with a range of coloring tools from crayons to watercolors.

2. Mandala Mantras: Mandalas, with their intricate designs and patterns, have always been a favorite among colorists. Mandala Mantras harnesses this love and combines it with the therapeutic power of mantras. Every month, you’re not only greeted with new mandala patterns but also calming and empowering mantras. These mantras serve as gentle reminders of self-love, strength, and positivity.

3. Worldly Wonders: For the travel aficionado stuck at home or someone looking to explore different cultures, Worldly Wonders is a passport to the world. Each edition focuses on a different country or city, giving a mix of famous landmarks, local flora and fauna, and cultural symbols. Subscribers can find themselves coloring the Eiffel Tower one month and Japanese cherry blossoms the next.

4. Festive Fun Quarterly: Aligning perfectly with the changing seasons and major holidays, Festive Fun Quarterly is an ideal pick for those who love getting into the seasonal spirit. This quarterly delight ensures you have the perfect page ready, be it for Christmas, Easter, Halloween, or the warm summer months.

5. Artistic Aspirations: More than just a coloring book service, Artistic Aspirations focuses on honing your skills. Each package is a comprehensive kit: top-grade coloring books, artist interviews, premium coloring tools, and tutorials. It’s a full package for anyone serious about their coloring journey.

6. KiddoColors: While primarily targeting children, KiddoColors understands the young at heart. Their age-specific monthly deliveries are designed keeping the developmental milestones in mind, ensuring age-appropriate challenges and themes. They skillfully weave educational aspects, ensuring kids learn as they color.

7. Vintage Visions: Stepping back in time, Vintage Visions is a nostalgic trip through various epochs. From the roaring '20s flapper designs to the psychedelic '60s, there's a blast from the past waiting for subscribers every month.

8. Color & Calm: Riding on the therapeutic wave of coloring, Color & Calm centers its designs on promoting relaxation and mindfulness. Often taking inspiration from nature, the monthly designs are meant to induce a state of calm and tranquility.

9. The Hobbyist’s Delight: The wild card among subscription services, Hobbyist’s Delight is eclectic. It ensures a diverse range of designs month on month, so you're never quite sure what to expect. It's the perfect pick for those who love surprises.

10. The Collector’s Club: Exclusivity is this club’s mantra. Featuring limited edition coloring books from internationally renowned artists, The Collector’s Club is meant for those who appreciate art and want only the best.

The world of coloring book subscription services is as varied as the colors in a palette. With a multitude of options to choose from, it caters to a spectrum of tastes, interests, and skill levels. For many, these services have become more than just a monthly activity; they have transformed into a therapeutic routine, a learning experience, and even a passion. With the continual evolution of the coloring book industry, we can only wait with bated breath to see what new innovations these subscription services will bring to our doorsteps next.

Here are some examples of companies and their services:

ColorIt - This company was known for producing high-quality coloring books with hardback covers, artist-quality paper, and a spiral binding. They periodically launched subscription services or bundles.

Monthly Coloring Club - As the name suggests, this service provided a new collection of coloring pages each month.

The Coloring Notebook - While it's primarily a notebook, this product combined the joys of coloring with daily productivity.

Color Happy - They offered a variety of coloring packages on a monthly basis, with themes ranging from inspirational to whimsical.

Adult Coloring Worldwide - Though primarily a Facebook community, they often featured artists and exclusive deals, potentially leading to subscription-like services.


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